Our Services

Modern Weighing Scales

Availability of Electronic digital platform scale of various capacities. Top-loading weighing scale and complete vehicle truck weighbridge with software compactability.

Industrial Tanks and Automaton Weighing System

  • Silo conversion and Re-calibration.
  • In-process weighing system and installation.
  • Batch and Automated weighing system.
  • General services, maintenance and global calibration with weights & measure certificate.
  • Weighbridge supply, installation and maintenance

Laboratory Equipments

Such as conductivity meter, PH Meter, Moisture, Tester Thickness gauge, Analytical Balance and spares accessories available in stock.

Industrial Lifter

Such as pallet truck, Electronic modern pallet truck and Stacker, Conveyors Belt and Roller of various capacities.

Metrology Spares and Accessories Kits

  • S-Load cell for conversation
  • Feet Load cell for floor scales
  • Trucks digital Load cell and analog cells of various capacities
  • PCB Card board for indicators and monitors
  • Weighing indicators
  • Dial Mechanical Platform Scales
  • Crane Scales
  • Mechanical Steelyard Scales
  • Pocket Balance
  • Weight Box or Calibrator Stone for Standardizing