Products For Laboratory Analysis

Conductivity Meter
DDSJ-308A Conductivity Meter is an American product from Amtast Company. This meter is a professional conductivity meter with a perfect combination and advance electronic technology; the meter can measure the parameter of PH, Conductivity, TDS, Salt, and Temperature for high accuracy solution.
Amtast AMT
AMT 03 is an America product from Amtast Company. The meter can measure parameters of PH, TSD, SALT and suitable for student, pure water company and small scale industry such as food processing plant.
Amtast Basic Porcelain Plate
Amtast Analog Magretic Stiner procelain plate generally used in all industry.
Amtast Rototiner
This machine is a durable, highly efficient and widely use in paint and chemical industrial. The machine can give accurate stirring, speedy control and mixture analysis solution on its usage.
LAB PH & Stirrer Combo
AMT 10 is an American product from Amtast the No.1 laboratory equipment in the world. This product is the combination of PH, Stirrer and Hot plate. This hot plate is a professional hot plate with a friendly user application and highly durable on lab spot.
Thickness Guage
Thickness Guage for nylon, papers, toiletries & sacks for micron size checker to determine the quality of the required finished production.